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March 2018

Another great Barn Dance was enjoyed on 10th March with  ‘Apricot Pie’ and a further £259 raised for the TVC building fund.  Thank you to all who came and supported the event.

February 2018

On Sunday 25th February a team from Tove Valley Baptist Fellowship visited the site of the potential Tove Valley Centre and planted two young Oak Trees along the Northampton Road boundary. This is to replace the diseased and decaying trees that were removed last Spring to prevent harm to people or property should they fall during a storm.

January 2018

Fundraising for the Tove Valley Centre Project has entered a new phase. We have now reached the stage at which making applications to organisations that offer grant funding can begin. This work will be carried out by our newly appointed Fundraising Administrator who has a track record of successful applications for grant funding whilst working elsewhere within the Voluntary Sector.

Funds that have been raised to date include monies from the sale of property previously owned by the Church, regular and ‘one-off’ donations as well as fundraising events and activities. We have been pleased to see so many residents from Towcester and surrounding villages at our fundraising events over the past few years and look forward to welcoming even more in 2018. Check out our Forthcoming Events page for details of what we have planned.

December 2017

Our thanks go to Jackie from ‘Rock those Frocks’ who provided some inspiring ideas at our Cheese and Wine evening with Fashion Show at the end of November. We hope that everyone that came along had a great evening and hopefully found some Christmas gifts as well as something for themselves! 10% of the value of sales on the night has been donated to the TVC project.

November 2017

Thank you to everyone who came to the Quiz Evening on 3rd November to support our fund raising.  Another really enjoyable evening with Hilary Aslett and an amazing £686.52 raised for the Tove Valley Centre.  The next Quiz Evening will be Friday 11th May 2018.

September 2017

Thank you to everyone who came and supported the Barn Dance on 23rd September.  ‘Apricot Pie’ were very entertaining again and a great time was had by all.  A further £287 was raised for the TVC building fund.

July 2017

Our attention has been drawn to ragwort on the site of the proposed Tove Valley Centre site.  Much of the weed has now been pulled up and burned by volunteers from the church and the remainder will be dealt with shortly.

Thank you to staff and students at UTC Silverstone for organizing a meal and quiz to raise funds for TVC.  Very much an all-age event it was thoroughly enjoyed by all and a further £413 raised.

June 2017

Thank you to ‘Fynnius Fogg’ for another fantastic evening of entertainment and to everyone who came along to our 60’s/70’s dance at the Towcestrians RFC on Saturday 24th June.  An auction during the evening included a voucher for 4 guests to play 18 holes of golf at Whittlebury Park Golf Club.  An amazing total of £1,115.52 was raised towards the Tove Valley Centre build fund and a great time was had by all!  Fynnius Fogg would like to come back again next year, so look out for the date…..

May 2017

The trees located on the site of the proposed Tove Valley Centre and which were found to be diseased, have now been felled and cut up for firewood.  At least two young oak trees will be planted in their place in the autumn.

April 2017

Thank you to all those who came to the Quiz Evening on 21st April.  It was another excellent evening with Hilary Aslett and a further £350 was raised for the Tove Valley Centre.  The next Quiz Evening is booked for Friday 3rd November.

SNC has granted permission for the 2 diseased trees to be removed and this had been scheduled for the middle of April.  Unfortunately the tree surgeon was called away to an urgent job on that date and it has now been re-scheduled for early May.

February 2017

The Tove Valley Centre Team have recently been made aware of concerns regarding the health of 3 or 4 trees alongside Northampton Road, on the site of the proposed Tove Valley Centre in Towcester. Some of the trees are showing signs of disease and are consequently decaying and this poses a potential risk to local residents and to any passers–by.

The advice of a tree surgeon has been commissioned and the Team have been advised that some remedial work is required. Therefore, permission to carry out this work has been sought from South Northants Council.

Local residents will be informed when the work has been agreed by SNC and we have been provided with a commencement date by the contractor.

January 2017

Best wishes for 2017 from Tove Valley Baptist Fellowship.  We look forward to seeing you at our events this year:-

Friday 21st April – Quiz Evening at Saracens Hotel

Saturday 24th June – 60’s/70’s Dance with Fynnius Fogg at Towcestrians Sports Club

Saturday 23rd September – Barn Dance with Apricot Pie at Towcestrians Sports Club

Further details of all events will be given nearer the dates.

November 2016

Thank you to all those who came to the Quiz Evening on 11th November.  It was another excellent evening with Hilary Aslett and a further £500 was raised for the Tove Valley Centre.

September 2016

Thank you to all who came to the Barn Dance on 23rd September.  ‘Apricot Pie’ were brilliant again and a great time was had by all.  A further £200 was raised for the TVC building fund.


Archaeological findings at the site of the proposed Tove Valley Centre

In accordance with a condition of the planning consent for the Tove Valley Centre site, which is adjacent to the Shires Estate on Northampton Road in Towcester, a programme of archaeological works to assess the site was carried out by Thames Valley Archaeological Services in March 2016.  Topsoil and other overburden from the proposed building area was moved from the planned building footprint and a number of features were examined.

The fieldwork revealed a small unenclosed occupation site dating from the Middle Iron Age along with elements of a probable Roman field system.  The Iron Age deposits included a ring gully structure and pits on the site provided radiocarbon dates of 327-204  BC. The Iron Age site was overlain by a rectilinear arrangement of gullies tentatively dated to the Roman period.  A digital version of the report will be supplied to Northamptonshire County Archaeology service and copies of the results will be supplied to the Northamptonshire HER and the OASIS project.  For further details, contact us through the website


June 2016

Our thanks go to ‘Fynnius Fogg’ for a wonderful evening of entertainment and to everyone who came along to our 60’s/70’s dance at the Towcestrians RFC on Saturday 11th June.  The evening included an auction of a week’s holiday in a duplex apartment in Spain, a Saints rugby ball signed by George North and two behind the scenes tours of a Formula 1 Factory for 2 people. A total of £404.46 was raised towards the Tove Valley Centre build fund and a great time was had by all!



May 2016

A big thank you to everyone who supported our Quiz Night at the Saracens Hotel on Saturday 23rd April.  We raised a total of £312 for TVC.  It was lovely to see some of you for the first time and we look forward to meeting you again in the future.  


April 2016

Work to achieve permanent access from Northampton Road on to the site of the proposed Tove Valley Centre was completed in early March.  Archaeologists have since been on site in order to complete the investigation that they commenced in Spring 2015.

Residents on the Shires estate, adjacent to the site, have been informed by letter of the planned timescale for the development. They have been informed that in January, the membership of Tove Valley Baptist Fellowship committed to commence the build itself within 3 years.

This decision was made on the advice of a Chartered Surveyor with significant experience of project managing similar church builds, based on a number of factors, including the amount of funds that the church has already raised and is expected to be able to raise going forward.  The church reiterated its commitment not to commence the build until they know that they have the resources to be able to complete Phase 1, which will comprise a functional building providing the majority of the planned facilities and the full car park.

March 2016

Access work to the site of the proposed Tove Valley Centre is now complete. Gates are in place and temporary fences have been erected on either side of the gates in order to completely secure the site. The keys have been handed over to us and the gates are locked whenever the archaeologists are not working. Archaeological work is expected to be completed shortly.

February 2016

Archaeologists will be working on the site of the proposed Tove Valley Centre from the week beginning Monday 29th February until around 11th March in order to complete the work that they started in Spring 2015. Access work from Northampton Road onto the site is expected to be completed this week (week commencing 22nd February). We would like to thank residents for their co-operation and patience during the access work.

Access work statement:

Traffic lights have been deployed on Northampton Road in Towcester, initially on a 24 hour basis, since 1st February 2016 when access works to the proposed site of the Tove Valley Centre commenced. The lights have been used as the traffic management system on the advice of Northants County Council in order to address Health and Safety concerns, due to the close proximity of the works to speed humps and the width of the road.

Contractors have advised that the traffic lights will be removed at weekends if it is deemed safe to do so. They will continue to review the situation and if there is a problem with traffic at peak times and works are confined to the verge, the traffic lights will be turned off and signage for ‘give and take’ will be deployed. We regret any inconvenience caused by the works and trust that drivers will co-operate with the request to ‘give and take’ when the traffic lights are turned off.

It is anticipated that works will be completed by 26th February.

January 2016

On Friday 22nd January we were advised that work on the access will commence on or after Monday 25th January and is expected to last until 26th February 2016. We are very keen to keep disruption to local residents to a minimum, so although it will be necessary to deploy traffic lights on Northampton Road at times, this will only be when it is essential to do so.

A letter informing residents of the above was hand delivered to each home on the Shires estate over the weekend Saturday 23rd and Sunday 24th January 2016

December 2015

Northants County Council granted permission for us to establish permanent access to the site from Northampton Road. Our engineer and builders began preparing the building contract and planning timescales for the access works.

July 2015

The technical details of the access from Northampton Road into the TVC site were agreed in June and we are now waiting for NCC Highways to complete the draft legal paperwork. Once we have a firm date from NCC, the schedule of works can be drawn up with the archaeologists and contractors. Works to install telephone and internet ducting will be planned at the same time.

June 2015

Quiz Evening a great success!  Thank you for your help.
Whether you came along for fun, helped on the stalls or made cakes, thank you so much, we managed to raise £561.95 on the night. Everyone had so much fun and asked when the next one was. Our next quiz night details can be found here.

May 2015

Following on from the community meeting, as promised, we have put together a common asked questions pack. Please use this LINK to download our replies to your questions.

If you would like to read the extended responses for the consultation, please send an email to Consultation@ToveValleyCentre.co.uk  and put ‘FULL REPORT’ in the subject line, we will respond to you as soon as possible.

Fencing has been installed on the TVC site to protect the trees and hedges on the Northampton Road side and to improve the security of the site during the forthcoming works for the access. We are still waiting for some of the paperwork from NCC regarding the access but once that is in place we will let you know the schedule of works.

March 2015

Following the investigations by Thames Valley Archaeological Services at the end of February, they have reported that there is some evidence of late Bronze or early Iron Age occupation (Pottery 31g / just over 1oz and Charcoal 52g / about 2oz). The archaeologists will be back to carry out more investigations in the area at one corner of the planned building. They will be on site on 23rd & 24th March with a JCB, entering via Surtees Way as before.
On 25th March, our contractors will be on site to dig the initial trenches to satisfy planning consent which will be completed on or before 1st April.
This will involve a mini-digger and a dump truck using the same access in Surtees Way. Some concrete will be delivered on the final day.
They will try and keep the disruption to a minimum.
Northamptonshire County Council needs to sign off planning paperwork so that we can complete the vehicle access from Northampton Road onto site. This is the reason for using Surtees way as an access route. When this paperwork has been completed and passed to us, we can then bring the archaeologists back to complete the investigation over the rest of the building footprint. Only once these works have been done will we be able to continue with the rest of the TVC build. The schedule of works will be made available when these works are complete.

February 2015

Archaeological Excavation

Archaeologists will be working on the site of the proposed Tove Valley Centre from Tuesday 24th February to establish whether anything of significance lies beneath. They will access the site from Surtees Road by removing a fence panel which will be replaced at the conclusion of their work by the end of the week.

It is expected that work on establishing the main access to the site from Northampton Road and digging of foundations will commence shortly afterwards. From this point the site will be accessed from Northampton Road only.

Community Notices

We need your ideas on how TVC can be best used to serve Towcester and the surrounding villages. A Community Consultation document is being sent to residents of the Shires housing estate initially. If you would liketo be involved, please download a form here, complete and return to
Download the community consultation here