Children & Young People

At Tove Valley Baptist Fellowship we regularly run activities for children and young people at Sunday morning services, weekday ‘Cell Groups’, and Youth Club on Friday evenings. In addition, on occasional Sunday evenings we offer social activities for young people as well as a summer ‘Holiday Club’, a ‘Non-Halloween’ event in October, residential activity weekends and the opportunity to attend christian events such as ‘Soul Survivor’. At Christmas there is a ‘pop-up’ Nativity and Christingle Service at church as well as end of term parties on Sunday mornings. We also provide a Toddler Group as well as a Mums and Tots Bible Study Group each week. Details about when the groups meet and what they do are provided below.

All of our activities for children and young people are co-ordinated by Laura Patterson, our Youth, Children and Families’ Team Leader, who is ably supported by a team of dedicated volunteers. Laura recently received The Northamptonshire Association of Youth Clubs ‘Youth Leader of the Year’ award for services to the Youth Club. For more information about any of the groups or activities listed, please contact Laura via the following link: Laura Patterson

Working Collaboratively

At Tove Valley Baptist Fellowship, we are conscious of the importance of working closely with other groups and organisations operating within the town and surrounding villages. To that end, our Youth, Children and Families Team Leader works very closely with other Youth Leaders within the area.

Supporting Schools

Laura has developed a good relationship with local schools and supports the staff in Sponne (our local comprehensive school), such as by delivering a Lunch Club for Year 7 pupils and by helping to promote good mental health across all ages. She also attends assemblies at Nicholas Hawksmoor Primary School and leads a Christingle Service there at Christmas. In order to help youngsters to make the transition into Year 7, Laura does ‘moving up’ work with Year 6’s at Nicholas Hawksmoor, Towcester and Greens Norton Primary Schools.

Sunday Mornings

Discovery Zone

On Sunday mornings, during the latter parts of the main services in both Towcester and Weston there is around an hour of interactive learning and sharing time for all children and young people. We use stories, creative work, activities, drama and games to build faith and an understanding of the things of God. This is principally achieved by discovering what the Bible says and relating this to the children’s lives.


In Towcester, when older children leave the main service to join their groups on Sunday mornings, toys are available in the reception area for parents who want to access a ‘self service’ crèche for the under 3’s. A speaker in the crèche area relays whatever is going on in the main service. However, parents are welcome to keep their children in church with them if that is their preference.

Youth Cell Groups

Midweek there are groups that are designed to help the youth get to know more about God, the Bible, the world and each other. The Youth Cells are led by young people with support from an adult leader and are for those in school years 7 and up.

The locations and times vary. Typically the groups meet on Wednesdays for boys and Thursdays for girls around 6pm.

Please contact Laura Patterson using the above link, for more information about Youth Cells.

Youth Club

Youth Club meets on Friday evenings in term time, in venues around Towcester. All youngsters in school years 3-11 are very welcome to come along, regardless of whether or not they or their families attend church. Please contact Laura Patterson, using the above link, for details of where to meet.

Feedback that we have received shows that even the shyest child that comes along can soon be looking forward to Friday evenings and experience an increase in their self-confidence.

Youth Club is essentially social, although older children sometimes like to use activities such as trust and simulation games to introduce spiritual and moral issues. The main aim is to have fun whilst building relationships between young people as well as between the young people and the leaders.

Youth Club is ‘user led’ with ideas for activities being sourced from the young people, leaders and parents. Some young people take the opportunity to help out with groups, thereby helping to raise their self esteem and confidence. Others take this opportunity even further by attending a Young Leader Training Course, with the support of their Youth Club Leaders.

Parents, Grandparents and Tots Group

Parents, grandparents, carers and childminders from Towcester and surrounding villages are welcome to attend this popular weekly group with their pre-school children. It is a safe place to meet, socialise, and to learn from and support each other. Children will also benefit from the opportunity to socialise whilst enjoying the activities and toys provided. Refreshments are provided for both adults and children.

The group meets in Towcester’s St John’s Ambulance Hall at 9.30 during term time with occasional ‘get togethers’ during the summer break.

Mums and Tots Bible Study Group

This group is designed for mums who want the opportunity to study and talk about the bible and how it relates to our lives, but usually find it difficult to attend due to having young children. The group will meet on Thursdays at 2pm from January 2019. Please contact Laura Patterson, using the link above, for more information.

Looking to the future….

The Tove Valley Centre will enable us to deliver our locally run groups and activities for children, young people and families much more effectively than at present and in an environment more suited to the needs of those groups. In addition, we expect that in time, we will be able to offer even more to families within our community.