Forthcoming Events

A “Pudding Celebration” revised date: 10th November

Come and enjoy a “Pudding Celebration” on 10th November at 7pm. It will take place at the Chapel at Weston NN12 8PU. There will be a selection of at least 7 puddings and desserts, ideal for those with a  sweet tooth! You will also be able to enjoy a musical interlude of live ‘easy listening’ music. You are invited to bring your own wine. Tickets are £25 available by emailing 


Thank you to everyone who has supported our previous events.



Ongoing Activities and Milestones Reached

Community Consultation

We need your ideas on how the Centre can be best used to serve Towcester and the surrounding villages. A Community Consultation document was sent to residents of the Shires housing development in 2015 as well as other groups and individuals within Towcester.

We are now consulting with families as well as groups and organisations within and around Towcester. If you would like to have your say, please email us on If you do contact us on this email address, please keep an eye on your junk mail for a response.

We are very keen to hear from groups and organisations interested in using the Tove Valley Centre for meetings on an occasional or regular basis.


We regularly host fundraising events. Please have a look at the top of this page for details of events planned for 2018. Thanks to the support of the community we have already raised a large amount of money towards the cost of the building. One of our fundraising initiatives that has proved to be very successful has been providing individuals with a tube of smarties and asking for the empty tube to be filled with 10p or 20p or £1 pieces and returned to us. If you would like to join in please contact us on and we will get a tube of smarties to you with instructions about where to send the full tube. Alternatively, collect your smarties or return your full tube at one of our fundraising events.

Access to the site

Access work, including the erection of gates, was completed in 2016